Welcome to Sitegiant E-Commerce Support Center

Starter Guide
Starter Guide is basically a basic guide for starters who're new to our E-Store System. We'll show you where to start and what are the steps to follow on. So what are you waiting for? Let's get started by Clicking Here!

Design Center
We have provided some FREE design banners/headers site here. You can click on any of the site provided by us to design your own banners/headers for FREE!
Click Here to check out what're the sites we have provided!

Video Tutorials
We provide video tutorials for you to know more about our system and help you to get a clearer picture of how the system works. It also help you to manage the site better. Click Here to find out more details on our video tutorials!

Document Template
Here is where we put up our samples of articles for your stores. We provide you the basic guidelines of writing those articles such as "About Us", "Privacy & Policy" etc. Click Here to check out our Document Templates!