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Banner/Header Design

Check out these site to create your own banners/headers design for FREE ! :-

Logo Design

Here are some of the site provided for you to create your own logo for FREE! :-

How to get the Logo Image from

  1. Create an account from
  2. Login your account you have just created
  3. At the home page of, click on "try it now for free" and a pop up will shows out
  4. Choose your industry and icon
  5. Edit your logo layout (colors, fonts etc)
  6. Click on "save"
  7. Click on "my logos"
  8. Click on the logo you have created below
  9. Click on "Free Web Logo"
  10. You'll see a link like this on the "File Info: box for example :

    <img src=""/>
    <a href=""><img src="" alt="create logo" border="0"/></a>
  11. Copy the part of link that is red in color shown as above for example
  12. Open a new browser tab/window
  13. Paste the link of URL that you copied earlier and hit "enter" key on your keyboard to go to the link
  14. It should show out the image
  15. Right click on the image and click "save image as" to save the logo into your computer

Here are some of the recommended logo design company site which are Pay-to-Design  for you to create your own logo :-