Starter Guide

Before your store officially goes "online", there are things you might want to configure on your E-store. Starters can refer to the step of guidelines shown below :-

Step 1 - Login your Administrator back-end

  1. Your administrator back-end URL will be : (Example)
  2. Enter your username and password given to login the administrator back-end

Step 2 - Manage your Site Content
We have input the basic guidelines of content for you to let your customers know how your business works. Those content must be change in the first place.

  1. Go to Content → Article Manager
  2. Click on “F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Question” , “Terms & Conditions” , “Return & Refund Policy” , “Privacy & Policy” and “About Us” articles to edit the contents.
  3. You'll just need to change your details of the words in red color.
    For Example : <<your-company-name>>
  4. Go to Components → E-Store → Under Store Tab → Edit Store
  5. Edit your Terms and Conditions there by changing your details of words in red color.
  6. Create additional article (See Video)
  7. Create New Menu and link it to an article (See Video)

Step 3 - Setting up your email

  1. Create your own domain emails (See Video)
  2. Check your email at
  3. Setting up an e-mail account in Outlook Express (See Video)
  4. You can also view and send email through Gmail (See Video)

    Note : Your Username for the Cpanel will not be "webmaster". It'll be another username provided in your Login Details Document. Password will remain the same as the webmaster's password.

Step 4 - Managing your site details

  1. Edit your logo of your site (See Video)
  2. Change your global email configuration (See Video)
  3. Change your "Home" page title (See Video)
  4. How to change website color (See Video)
  5. Change your contacts on "Contact Us" page (See Video)
  6. How to change copyright of my website (See Video)

Step 5 - Configure your E-Store Information

  1. Edit your store information and put up your store logo (See Video)

Step 6 - Manage your Shipping rates
You're able to use our current default shipping rate that we have key in or you might want to add your own shipping rate.

  1. To create a new shipping rate (See Video)
  2. To edit the existing default shippping rate (See Video)

Step 7 - Configure your payment gateway

  1. Edit your Payment Gateway (See Video)

Step 8 - Upload your products to your site

  1. Create Manufacturer (brand) for your products (See Video)
  2. Create Categories for your products (See Video)
  3. Upload Products to the my store and product attributes a.k.a multiple selection choices of the same product (See Video)

    Note : There are 2 ways to input your product attribute. 1 will be the without able to keep track of the stock level of the attribute, this will be a faster way to add product attribute. Another Option will be able to keep track of the stock level. Look at the video link here to find out about Creating Attribute Option 2! (See Video)
  4. Add discount to your product (See Video)
  5. Add new menu for selected product category (See Video)

    Note : You might want to create an "online discount coupon" for your customer or special member. No worries! Look at the video guide here to show you how to create your own discount coupon for your customer. (See Video)

Step 9 - Manage your images

  1. Upload single image through Media Manager  (See Video) 
  2. Upload your multiple images to your website server (See Video)
  3. Upload your images to slide show (See Video)

Note : Adjust the images size to around 400px to 500px width(ideal size) to prevent slow loading image on your site. You can get free image resize software from here

Step 10 - Your site is ready to go "ONLINE"
Now your site is basically ready to go "ONLINE". Do not forget to check out our tutorials to help you manage your site better!
Tutorial Link : Click Here

If you still have any issue or questions, you are most welcome to send your email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .